YouTube Developers Live: Tech Talk on YouTube API v3

A special broadcast of Raul Furnică’s tech talk at GDG Silicon Valley. Presentations slides can be found here: Raul, the YouTube API Tech Lead, will discuss the technical platform the new YouTube API is built on, the impact of the new APIs on existing developers and applications, and the new features never seen before in previous versions of the API.
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7 Responses to “YouTube Developers Live: Tech Talk on YouTube API v3”

  1. Dan Jidanni Jacobson says:

    Any timeframe for read-only non key access in v3? I can’t ask that on Stackoverflow.

  2. Slap Stick says:

    I chose eight videos to delete from one of my playlist, and the system took 16 away. Ack! Then I tried it again on my ‘watch later playlist’ to rule out user error, and same shit happened. Google strikes again! And whats the deal with the ‘inbox’; will you ever put it where the users want it. You don’t always let people know when a comment is available for viewing. Lets get it together folks. Get your developers to focus and WORK TOGETHER! With each other and with the users.

  3. Matias Molinas says:


  4. pufixas says:


  5. SteveXnycperformance says:

    the announcer is kind of difficult to comprehend.

  6. Sra1J says:

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  7. rodrigofer10 says:


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